My Little PonyTM

In 2014, Play-Doh presented My Little Pony / Equestria Girls and the Doh-Doh characters, live on tour, to the delight of children, parents and caregivers alike. The tour was enhanced with the creation of a new My Little Pony / Equestria Girls show featuring Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, the Canadian debut of Pinkie Pie and Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle. This lively musical stage show abounds with energy and enthusiasm from start to finish.

The new show was written representing the brands in a live setting and will complement the evolution of the My Little Pony / Equestria Girls brands. The show features 10 songs, the transition between worlds, a tutorial and audience participation of the EG Stomp. The excitement and expression on the children’s, parent’s and host venue faces during the transition from Twilight Sparkle to a live Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle, was truly a magical moment. A new elaborate set was developed reflecting the magic of the show allowing a seamless transition.

The new show is an extension of the original tour launched in 2011 starring Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & Applejack, in an interactive, musical adventure, focusing on Friendship is Magic and the Elements of Harmony. The Ponies share with children by working together to find a fresh and imaginative new way to achieve our goals, anything is possible, especially with the help of all of your friends.

Since 2011, the tour has visited Canada’s most popular family attractions and events, including the Calgary Stampede, Edmonton’s K-Days, Saskatoon EX, Toronto Zoo, Treehouse Big Day Out, PEI Old Home Week, London’s Storybook Gardens, Toronto’s CNE, Kitchener Museum, Shopping Centres, Consumer Shows and charity initiatives nationally.

The tour also features the Play-Doh Play Centre, a much-loved and highly anticipated part of the Hasbro tours. The positive feedback from both parents and host venues is a testament to the success of this annual activity. Following the show, the Play-Doh characters appear at the Play-Doh Play Centre for meet & greets with the children. Parents appreciate receiving complimentary Play-Doh 1oz product, instructional booklets, bookmarks and colouring sheets as a momento, extending the experience beyond the event.  

Play-Doh presents My Little Pony National Tour takes to the road again in 2015!